TPEF’s Learning Summit 2019 Steers Scholars to Be Lifelong Learners

This year, the foundation administers two batches of scholars—the incoming second year college students and the graduating scholars. After a year of transition from high school to college, the sophomores have most likely adjusted in college environment. Graduating scholars, on the other hand, will soon enter the workforce and are now preparing for their future as a professional in their chosen field. With them as the participants, the 2019 Learning Summit and 8th General Assembly was dubbed “Explore Possibilities. Find One’s True North.” The event was participated by 60 scholars (36 women and 24 men), including guest scholars from another education foundation and some volunteer alumni at the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) in Cavite.

8th Scholars’ Assembly

All scholars, coming from various provinces, were gathered on the first day, getting them reconnected with their peers after a year’s academic life. Welcome Remarks was delivered by Crisalde Julaton, TPEF Board of Trustees Officer and Torm Shipping Philippines Senior Finance Manager. In the general assembly, community outreach efforts by scholars since 2013 to 2018, and of the scholars’ alumni association in 2018 and 2019 were presented to the current scholars, stressing the value of cooperation and developing a culture of giving, particularly to those learners with limited access on basic school needs.

The Keynote Address was given by Vberni Regalado, an active young leader, journalist, educator and founder of the Lampara Literacy Movement. He pointed out that searching for one’s dreams, finding one’s true north is not easy. He also advised the scholars “to be with the people with the same vision you have. To surround yourself with great friends, because that matters. Never forget to look back where you came from or where you started.” He added that “you do not need to figure out right away where you want to go now, as long as in the process of walking on the path that you chose, you are discovering what you want to do or what is your purpose.” He presented two theories, ikigai and the theory of why, that could guide the participants in finding meaning in their life.

Vberni Regalado, founder of Lampara Literacy Movement, inspires the participants during the 8th GA

Various Training-Workshops

On Self-Regulated Learning, Leadership, and Gender Sensitivity
Around 22 second year scholars engaged in the follow-up activity, entitled Developing Self-Directed Scholars. Update on Their Self-Regulated and Empowerment Strategy. The participants formulated their individual’s development plans on personal, academic and social aspects. The half-day event also presented the results of the tools on academic self-regulation which they regularly done twice a year. The activity reiterated the scholars’ need for perseverance, optimism, will, enthusiasm and reflection in their daily life. In another activity, they, together with their mentors and some alumni scholars participated in the peer mentoring project revisit.

Sophomores formulate their academic, social and personal development goals.

The incoming second year college scholars from Pandan, Bulalacao, Banaue and seafarers’ beneficiaries also participated in “Becoming Leaders for Change.” workshop and got involved in several active and fun exercises about leadership. They also participated in gender sensitivity workshop aimed at both men and women participants having mutual understanding and respect on their respective roles.

Sharing insights from the learning activities in leadership training

On Career Preparation and Training the Scholars as Trainers
Around17 graduating scholars had a career training workshop. Wearing corporate attires, they engaged in exercises on career planning tools including some job search skills, resume packaging and handling interviews. Some do’s and don’ts in CV preparation, personal appearance and job interview were also highlighted. Participants prepared and presented their resume to the group. Simulation exercise of the interview process and feedback were also done.

Simulated exercise on panel interview

Part of the foundation’s thrust is involving the scholars in its development work in the rural communities and learning summits. Aside from tapping them as volunteers in logistical support, they are being developed as trainers and facilitators. This year, the second batch of senior and alumni scholars underwent a two-day intensive training workshop entitled “Initiate Change. Improve Lives. Training the Scholars as Trainers and Facilitators.” Input and discussion on concept and process of effective facilitation, roles of effective trainer and facilitator, structured learning experiences (SLE) and module design were part of the said activity.

The training culminated with two workshop groups executing their formulated module, complete with objectives, ice breakers, activities and with visual aids and power point presentation. The participants also shared their feedback and reflection on difficulties, strengths, areas for improvement, significant learning and insights they gained while doing the whole process.

Senior scholars execute the one-and-a-half-hour module they themselves prepared.

Other Events in LS 2019
Reflection session has been part of the annual summit, enabling the scholars to think about the learnings gained over the past days. An inspirational talk, “Love Yourself. Nurturing One’s Mental Health Through Strong Sense of Identity.” was delivered by Dr. Maryfe Roxas, discussing self-care, mindfulness, and giving oneself kind words, forgiveness, validation, a rest, permission to set boundaries, time, praise and space to grow. She also engaged the scholars in several simple self-assessment and self-care exercises and invited them for a two-minute mindfulness practice.

A scholar shares his experience during the reflection activity.

To close the five-day event, Michael Rogado, President of TPEF’s BOT and Torm Shipping Philippines expressed his gratitude to the scholars for their participation to the learning summit, which contributed to their development as an individual and responsible member of the society.

Solidarity night, entitled Mr. and Ms. TPEF, a yearly event organized by the scholars, presented their creativity and talents in hosting, singing, and other forms of performing arts. The activity demonstrated their improved life skills in leadership, critical thinking, teamwork, communication and interpersonal relationship as they successfully held the four-hour production.