TPEF Brings Solar Power to the Island School in Getafe, Bohol

On November 29, 2021, a public elementary school in the island of Jagoliao in Getafe, Bohol received one set of solar panel from TORM Philippines Education Foundation. This is the first eco-friendly resource installed in school with the assistance of the local technicians. This project under Social Development Initiatives supports schools in remote areas that has no access to electricity. It served 198 learners and seven teachers in Jagoliao Elementary School.

Access to electricity is a major crisis of Jagoliao ES, hence it was a dream come true for the teachers to have this solar energy facility because they consider this as more beneficial than having a generator. This resource can be used to power computers and printers so the teachers will be able to print self-learning modules that are distributed for learners to read and study.

According to the Cluster Head, Ms. Juliet Cabading, the solar panel bring more than just light to classrooms. This will prompt teachers to use more sustainable practices and efficient way to meet their energy needs. It also has a great impact on clean living and better environment that will result in better learning for the learners.