TPEF’s strong support for budding scholars

In its constant effort to support underprivileged communities, the TORM Philippines Education Foundation (TPEF), Inc., offers scholarships and career opportunities to the deserving youth in Capoocan, Leyte, and the TORM seafarers’ beneficiaries.

The TPEF visited Capoocan, which has a poverty rate of 42.5% and ranks among the top three poorest municipalities in the province of Leyte. The poverty rate falls within TPEF’s Social Development Initiatives and Scholarship Selection criteria.

Social development initiatives at Pinamopoan Senior High School Stand-Alone
The TPEF concentrated on the transfer of information and communication technologies as well as educational facilities and equipment on November 18, 2022, including two LCD projectors with displays and one sound system. For specific classroom instruction and school events including programs, general assemblies, graduation ceremonies, and meetings of the parents, teachers, and students, the school will employ the ICT resources and learning facilities.

The project benefited 146 junior and senior high school students (70 females and 76 males), as well as 8 school employees (four females and four men).

A message from Rebecca Arpon, Public Schools District Supervisor in Capoocan II District, expressing their gratitude towards the TPEF for their assistance, said, “Thank you TORM Philippines Education Foundation for the provision of these ICT and learning facilities and equipment. Teachers benefit greatly from these tools by integrating technology into their day-to-day lessons, module materials, and multiple learning delivery modes. This is the first time a foundation came to their school and offered this kind of help, especially the scholarship program that will provide a good opportunity for their learners to get into college. I hope, TPEF will come back or be able to aid in other public remote schools within the province of Leyte. A lot of schools here need help. In addition to being selected by the foundation, we will ensure that whoever is awarded the scholarship will be assisted and monitored.”

Scholarship selection for SY 2023-2024
The TPEF conducted the scholarship examination at Pinamopoan Senior High School Stand-Alone last November 19, 2022, where 66 Grade 12 learners took the online qualifying examination, out of which 39 passed. Two other public high schools were invited, the Libertad National High School and Don Mariano Salvacion Memorial National High School. The potential scholars were interviewed last December 26-27. There were four scholar volunteers from Daram, Samar, and one from Salcedo, Eastern Samar who helped in the scholarship selection from the examination to interview process.

The scholarship applicants took the online examination in batches of 10 per hour, and the results were announced the same day. As teachers and some parents wished to witness and hear the results of the examination, they were present during the announcement. A mixture of emotions (jumping with joy and crying) was observed among the applicants and their parents after the results were announced. Passers comforted their friends and classmates who failed.

For the seafarers’ beneficiaries and TORM Philippines employee beneficiary category, the scholarship online qualifying examination was held successfully on December 17, 2022, with 31 applicants, out of which 15 passed. Final awardees of the TPEF scholarship grant will be announced on the first quarter of 2023.