“Radiance” – Artwork by 1st Batch of Scholars


52 x 61 inches
Learning Summit May 2016
Textile Paint on Canvas

Led by artist-scholars Jarid Abarquez and Joemar Nacorda, the 30 scholars painted the Radiance on textile paint. The artwork presents images of unborn child, growing plant, world, and butterflies with a backdrop of glowing light—all symbolize the transformation of the 30 scholars, specifically represented by the fireflies with their glittering glow. The over-all subject of the painting signifies the scholars’ youthful aspiration to be a beacon of hope and change.

“I become optimistic.”
“I continuously grow.”
“I gained confidence in speaking in front of many people.”
“TPEF influenced me to help our community, for example, coastal clean-up and relief work after the Yolanda typhoon.”
“I am learning to adapt well, becoming resilient in the face of challenging life experiences, especially now that I am a cadet performing various tasks on board ships.”
“I hoped, we, scholars, in our simple ways—through our yearly community outreach projects in rural day care centers—bring positive changes in other people’s lives.”
“And we try to influence others with what we have become.”

–-these are some of the reflections of the scholars who completed the training-workshops in May 2016 under TPEF’s yearly Learning Summits which they participated starting 2013. As an output, they were requested to come up with an artwork painting representing the changes that happened within themselves as a result of their engagement in the summits. The 52” by 61” painting is framed and hung on a wall in the TPEF’s scholars’ nook.

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Started in 2013, the yearly learning summits under the Scholars’ Development Program (SDP) covers a four-year scaled up capability building efforts to develop or enhance the scholars’ like skills and awareness on various social issue. Topics covered included self-awareness, self-expression and sexuality, self and social responsibility, communication, gender sensitivity, leadership, climate change and disaster preparedness, resiliency, financial literacy and sustainable lifestyle.