TPEF Successful Virtual Scholarship Selection for School Year 2021

TORM Philippines Education Foundation searched for scholars for academic year 2021-2022 online via MS Teams.

The Beneficiary Schools

This year, TPEF chooses the town of Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon to be the place of the scholarship selection.

With the current pandemic situation, all coordination with the local school district was done online and via phone.

Three public senior high schools were the beneficiaries of the scholarship selection: the Manlabong National High School, which is the host school for this activity; Calao National High School and Prieto Diaz National High School.

New Normal Set Up

The new normal takes TPEF to pursue scholarship selection virtually.

Online orientation was given to the student applicants and school personnel prior the start of the selection process.

Since most of the main concern of the online examination is on technology, the School Head, and the IT Coordinator of each public senior high school, assisted their students and secured them to a conducive environment available. Each applicant uses their own gadget such as cellphone and netbook provided by the school. The examinees were monitored by the examiners via MS Teams.

The qualifying assessment took almost an hour to finish, and its results came out in a shorter period only, hence interview followed through breakout room sessions.

Though challenges on internet connection was apparent, at the end of the day TPEF gets better results from the applicants both from the rural community and the seafarers’ beneficiaries.

A total of 62 TPEF aspiring scholars have taken the online assessment on April 10 for the seafarers’ beneficiary category and May 22 for the rural poor community.

Thank You, TORM Philippines Volunteers

TPEP scholarship selection would have not been a success without the help of employee volunteers from TORM Philippines. Big thanks to Ms. Reyna Panganiban, Recruitment Manager, Ms. Stephanie Mesias, Head of MHR Operations, Mr. Aljorai Panes, Ms. Maria Cecilia Palenzuela, Ms. Abegail Gonzales, the Crewing Managers, Mr. Joan Ortiz, General Accounting Manager, Ms. Katrina Magallanes, Assistant Accounting Manager, Mr. Braian Alceso, Recruitment and Training Assistant Manager, and Ms. Joveluz Dacuyasan, HR and Office Admin Manager. Thank you for being an inspiration to the aspiring scholars as well.

The aspiring scholars of TPEF from the rural poor community in Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon and from seafarers’ beneficiary category.

The team volunteers behind the success of the virtual scholarship selection activity.

The host school of the scholarship selection activity, the Manlabong National High School in Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon.