TPEF SDI Activity in Zamboanga del Norte

The Manawan National High School in Jose Dalman, Zamboanga del Norte received in-kind donations from TORM Philippines Education Foundation on 11 February, 2022.

Bread and Pastry Equipment

More than 500 students of Manawan National High School can now become skilled and productive in baking using the new bread and pastry equipment donated by TPEF. The Bread and Pastry students of grades nine and ten under the ‘Technology and Livelihood (TLE)’ subject in school – can now hone their baking skills with the tools needed now made available. The TLE teacher can now give hands-on lessons which can better train the students and become productive in the future.

The school also plans to offer Bread and Pastry subjects in Senior High School under ‘Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL)’ specialization since there is one teacher who can handle the subject and has Bread and Pastry National Certificate or NCII.

Building Materials to Help School Project
TPEF also donated building materials to help Manawan National High School complete the 12Mx6M pavement of their MAPEH area which will benefit the whole school community with a total population of 784. The school’s concreting of the pavement project aimed at improving the learning environment of the students, especially during their playtime or sports activities. This will also give more access to the school’s stakeholders and parents during the general PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) assembly every school year.

Ms. Linda Byrd Gomez-Segundo, the School Principal stated:
It is very generous of TORM Philippines Education Foundation to donate this equipment and materials. It was a dream come true for us to finally complete our project which was pending for a long time as the budget was non-existent. Thank you so much TPEF for your support and outstanding contribution to our school. We could not measure our happiness.