The True Spirit of Christmas

A Christmas donation from TORM colleagues

Last month, through the generosity of 16 colleagues from Denmark donating their Christmas gift contribution, the TORM Philippines Education Foundation (TPEF) was able to purchase a solar panel system as a donation to a public school in Luzon.

The beneficiary of this timely gift was the Magsaysay National High School – Magarang Extension School in Occidental, Mindoro. This was arranged and coordinated with the head of the school, Mr. Rolando Garcia Jr. on 22 December 2020.

During the hand-over event, the teachers of the school were present, including the head of the school of the main campus, Magsaysay National High School.

From the main school, it is a four to five hours walk to reach the extension school. The school site is a remote location and has no electric power. The solar panel will be a major help to the school, especially at this time when our country is still implementing module-based classes and a lot of self-learning modules have to be printed.

During the installation of the solar panel system in school last January 8, 2021.

Additional Gifts for the Mangyans

In addition to the school’s need for the solar panel system, the head of the school also asked if we could provide a large cooking pot and a cooking pan to assist in providing food to the students.

Though classes are home-based for now, the head of the school decided to continue the food service by bringing the cooked food to each student’s residence during the distribution of their self-learning modules.

A total of 149 (75 female; 74 male) students from grade seven to grade 11 plus eight teachers will benefit from the project. All of them are part of the local indigenous tribe, the Mangyans.

The donated cooking pot and cooking pan received by the beneficiaries for the school’s feeding program for the learners.

Thank You, Donors!

In TORM we are one big family, and no matter how far we are from each other, our colleagues still find a way to reach out and extend their helping hands.

Thank you to all who were part of this meaningful endeavor. Indeed, you have shown the true spirit of Christmas.