Scholars Selection and Social Development Initiatives in Masbate

Scholarship Selection in Rural Area

After a year of no scholarship selection, TORM Philippines Education Foundation travelled to Esperanza, Masbate for the fulfillment of this activity. Esperanza is at the top five of the poorest municipalities in Masbate therefore TPEF chose this for its program intervention on scholarship selection. Santos E. Conag National High School hosted the one-day scholarship examination and interview dated November 9, 2019. Examinees were from the hosting school and from Allanaraiz-Marfil National High School which is an hour and half travel to the town proper by bus.

This activity was supported by the Department of Education, Masbate Province Division. The Head of the said schools were appreciative since it’s the first time that the foundation has able to reach their place for the scholarship selection which included free meals and transportation.

Examination during scholarship selection

Essential Computer Training

Aside from the scholarship selection activity, TPEF provided training to teachers and non-teaching staff of the host school about Microsoft Applications facilitated by volunteer trainors of TORM Shipping Philippines as per request by their School Head, Ms. Rebecca Conag which according to her is essential for them in their teaching and learning practices. Miss Conag said they need to develop their skills, enhance their knowledge and boost their confidence in using these tools correctly. A total of 40 teachers and non-teaching staff of Santos E. Conag National High School participated in the training for one and a half day.

In contrast to this social development initiatives activity, a provision of ICT equipment such as LCD projector and flat screen television took place and was received by Miss Conag. The equipment will be used as aid on their teaching for a better interactive learning experience with their 945 students. TPEF also provided flash drives to all the participants in the training. Miss Conag expressed her gratitude in being able to receive favors from TPEF.

The participants during the Training and receiving the ICT equipment.

Scholarship Selection for Seafarers’ Beneficiaries

On November 16, 2019, TORM Philippines Education Foundation conducted a scholarship examination and interview held at TORM Philippines office in Makati for the seafarers’ beneficiary. Examinees were from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The activity that lasted for one day was very successful with the support extended by some volunteers from TORM Shipping Philippines.

Applicants during their scholarship examination held at TORM Office