Rebuilding Hopes in Albay

A 2020 Christmas Donation from TORM Colleagues
San Miguel National High School, a public school in the province of Albay received a donation of construction materials from TORM Philippines Education Foundation (TPEF) through the Christmas funds received from our 13 colleagues from Denmark last Christmas.

The school was ravaged by the typhoons that hit the island municipality last October and November 2020, leaving the teachers devastated and the school with collapsed office buildings.

When their school was chosen as the beneficiary of the Social Development Initiatives program of TPEF, the School Head immediately complied the requirements needed despite the present pandemic situation.
As a result, the construction materials such as marine plywood, good lumber supplies, common nails, gallons of paint, polyvinyl chloride (PVC’s) and litters of solvent were transported to the island of San Miguel and turned over to the school by end April.

Community Spirit
Early May the repair of the school office started through the “community spirit” in which most volunteers were parents of the students. In Filipino, we call this “bayanihan”, and was evident throughout the repairs of the school buildings.

After a week, the reconstruction of the school office was completed which was co-managed by the School Head, Ms. Shirley Bataller and the property custodian of the school, Mr. Jeffrey Nicdao.

Sincerest Gratitude
The whole teaching and non-teaching personnel of San Miguel National High School were very delighted and grateful after seeing their brand-new repaired school office.

A message of appreciation from the School Head expressed, “I would like to thank all the donors and TPEF who does an amazing job for taking a huge effort to provide our utmost need in school. I was expecting before an assistance from other institutions and even government agencies particularly on school repair but only TPEF opened their door for San Miguel National High School. I do not have a single idea that our school will be chosen as their project recipient hence a great privilege for us. With our school office being restored, I assure that all pertinent papers for teachers and learners including learning modules are now secured. This has been possible though your generosity, we will be forever grateful to your kindness.

A total of 1,085 learners from Grade 7 to Senior High School and 57 teachers and non-teaching staff will benefit from the project.

1. Construction materials transported to the island and turned over to San Miguel National High School.

2. Some parent volunteers during the actual repair of the school office.

3. The school office before the repair.

4. The school office after completely repaired on May 17, 2021.