Getting to know another TPEF scholar alumnus

Today we are joined by our talented in-house artist, Joemar Belia Nacorda, Fourth Engineer, who shares his inspiring journey starting with TPEF as a scholar and then sailing with TORM. Let us hear more from him…

• Hey Joemar! Greetings! How are you? We would like to hear about your journey.

I am definitely doing great! My journey did not start off easy. Having grown up in a large family, my parents sometimes struggled to provide for our basic needs. I grew up in the face of many challenges, and around the age of 10, I started working to support my studies. It was not easy to balance work and studies at an early age. Fortunately, I was selected for the TORM Philippines Education Foundation scholarship program. TFEP funded my college fees and provided valuable support for me to graduate from college. My current position with TORM is 4th Engineer, where I am inspired to do great work and put to use all that I have learned.

• Your dedication and hard work are truly impressive! Talking specifically about your experience at TORM, what do you enjoy most about working here?

It has been an excellent experience working with TORM for the past seven years. The company has always made me feel that they have my back. As 4E, it has been really fantastic. Over the years, I have worked with several seafarers who shared similar principles and learned a lot from them. It adds to the fun of this job, and there is never a stop to learning. You are harnessing your skills all the time.

• Fantastic! And in your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

My vacations are always filled with learning new skills. YouTube is my favorite place to watch DIY videos; that is where I learned arts. As a morning person, I always wake up early for morning runs. I enjoy doing marathons. Running and art are two of my favorite hobbies. They are so addictive that I recommend everyone to try them out. Running benefits your physical health, while arts benefit your mental health. Additionally, I do mountaineering and am learning how to cook.

• Share the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given to you.

Answer: Someone close to me once gave me the line” If others can, why can’t you?” and it always pops into my head whenever I feel demotivated. It gives me a certain belief in myself to not settle for anything less. That we are all equal and capable of achieving anything we want.

• What destination you hope to visit someday?
Answer: Paris has always been on my bucket list. I always feel a sense of excitement when I see the Eiffel Tower and wish to take a selfie with it. Apart from that, it is also known for its great landscape as well as its culture and heritage. Not to mention the romantic vibes and museums worth visiting.

• What is your favorite quote?

Answer: “You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force” – Pubilius Syrus