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Sponsor a College Scholar from the Rural Poor.

TPEF implements the College Education Sponsorship Initiative (CESI), a pilot project aimed at tapping and building sustainable initiatives of private individuals willing to make a difference in the poor rural communities by sending youth from low-income earning family to college.

As part of TPEF’s vision and mission, the sponsorship project, rolled out this 2015, underscores the importance of other learning avenues in scholars’ development, hence necessitates for the individual or group sponsors or donors to support the annual trainings by the scholar.

Donate funds or goods.

The foundation encourages monetary or in-kind contributions specifically allotted for development initiatives in the partner rural schools, local NGOs or community development organizations.


TPEF welcomes individuals to share their skills and participate in our development work with partner public schools in the rural areas.  They will also have the opportunity of learning and working with diverse people. Be part of our advocacy to quality education in the rural areas and help improve the quality of life of poor communities across the country.


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Advocacy Projects

Share Goodness Advocacy Project


Share Goodness Advocacy Project, is a Social Development Initiative- specific effort launched in October 2015 to raise additional funds for partner public schools and students. TPEF Advocacy shirts are produced also to promote interest on the foundation’s education advocacy among seafarers and staff. 100 percent of the proceeds of 2015 sales shall go to the partner school and its students in the highlands of Paracelis, Mt. Province.


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    1. Trainor/workshop facilitator in partner rural schools across the country
    2. Documenter in TPEF activities
    3. Logistical support in special projects

    How to Donate or how to be a Sponsor

    Kindly email TPEF at expressing your interest to support TPEF education advocacy.