DK Colleagues’ Christmas Donation to TPEF

We are proud to announce that in December 2021, 27 colleagues from Denmark at shore/at sea chose to donate their Christmas present to TPEF.

Seeing the Positive Impact of Our Donations

 Through the generosity of our colleagues from Denmark choosing the Christmas gift donation, the TORM Philippines Education Foundation (TPEF) is able to support additional causes in communities in need. With the high degree of care and attention applied by the TPEF, we are able to clearly see where the donations have made a difference.

The Gift of Light

With the donation, the TPEF is able to purchase solar lamps for learners on the island of Jagoliao, Getafe, in the province of Bohol, part of the largest man-made mangrove in the country. Being an off-the-grid community, some of the residents rely on power from diesel generators and kerosene lamps which is costly and harmful to both human health and the environment.

The province of Bohol was one of the areas badly hit by typhoon Rai last December, hence the donation of solar lamps will help ease the burden of typhoon survivors who have no access to power. A lot of houses have been destroyed and more solar lamps are needed. Survivors are temporarily staying in makeshift tents and our donation would be of tremendous help to the communities affected.

Zero Carbon Emission

The “ECO-Tabang Solar Lamp” is a cost-efficient device that highlights a simple renewable energy system and zero-carbon emitting lightings. It is made of recycled plastic bottles and can last up to five years with proper care.

This project aims to help the learners in 126 households continue their studies at night. This will extend the hours of quality learning and improve their academic performance. More so, it will reduce their exposure to harmful fumes from kerosene lamps and minimize the risk of fire. Without this basic necessity, work and study, and life itself are severely hampered.

Heroes of Light

In TORM, we are one big family, and no matter how far we are from each other, our colleagues still find a way to reach out and extend their helping hands. Thank you to all who are part of these meaningful endeavors. Indeed, you have shown the true spirit of Christmas. You are the heroes of light.