Alumni Scholars Hold Workshops with Students

Four alumni scholars, namely, Arvie Rose Habay Habay, Ray Anne Del Valle, Shekina Viloria, and Rey Emmanuel Lebanto, facilitated two structured learning experiences on teamwork among students of San Roque National High School- Upper Yunot Extension. Eighteen Grade 9 students and 19 Grade 10 students participated in games and activities on teamwork which hoped to enhance their knowledge, appreciate the value of working as a team, and create healthy group dynamics which are essential in any learning environment.

Fresh from their participation in “Initiate Change. Improve Lives. A Training of Trainors & Facilitators” in May Learning Summit, the facilitators prepared the conduct of the workshops—designing the modules, preparing flip charts as visual aid, executing the SLEs and conducting post-implementation activity which identified lessons and recommendations for improvement. “To be part of the students’ memory, that I contributed to their learning is my most rewarding experience in this outreach,” shared by one alumni trainor.

The TPEF, under its strategic plan, aims to develop a pool of scholar trainors to further their development as individuals as well as becoming agents of change that contribute to the communities. The alumni scholars, equipped with enhanced knowledge and skills and with developed positive attitude and values, an outcome of their engagement in annual learning summits, will be trained as facilitators and trainors for the foundation’s development work in the remote rural schools and school children.

The workshops on teamwork with the students is the first collaboration of TPEF and trained alumni scholars. The topics for alumni trainors’ workshops with the students will focus on the foundation’s core values—equality, gender fairness, cultural sensitivity, integrity, leadership, empathy, relationship, social responsibility and commitment to social and ecological causes.